Out Now: Quentin Hiatus – Never Ender EP
Posted 2017-09-16 by Translation HQ

Quentin Hiatus returns to Translation for his third outing with the Never Ender EP, showcasing his versatility across the 160-170 BPM spectrum and his penchant for the unpredictable and unexplored.

Enter the sparse, echoing pads of opening track Extreme Malice, which drops into a sinister calypso-like groove of congas, double-dropping kicks, and bouncing bass to move the dance. Stuntin kicks up the energy even further with a punchy synth bass that pitches and rolls into a dazzling array of syncopated breaks and rising FX. Quentin Hiatus transitions into smoother, more melodic territory on Flutterstep, a soulful drum & bass roller with electrifying chords and tight shuffling breaks. Prepare the Light downshifts into a deep and terrestrial half-tempo groove, and at its core, a pulsing bassline that surges and flows beneath glitched edits and rising synths. As an added bonus, Nuage returns to the catalog with an immaculate re-working of Obsessive Nature from the Passive Boycott EP, distilling its more aggressive predecessor into a soulful and uplifting house groove. The Never Ender EP is a testament to Quentin Hiatus’ quixotic and uncompromising sound – one that is uniquely his and stylistically ahead of the curve.