Various Artists – Universal Grooves LP

Translation Recordings proudly unveils its second and most ambitious compilation to date with the ‘Universal Grooves’ LP to celebrate its seventh year of releases. With music from some of the freshest names in the scene, the LP journeys across a variety of moods and styles in the 170 BPM spectrum. On the deep and cinematic front, the first sequence of tracks begins with LM1’s stunning mashup of ‘Positiva’ (from the Translation back catalogue) and ‘Opalescence,’ to kick start the voyage on an ethereal and uplifting note. DLVRY (aka Johnny Beverton) continues the vibe with the eclectic and dream-like ‘Warmth’ where the percussion pops and sparks as electric midranges whizz and whir across deep sub soundscapes. Mortem’s ‘Praxis’ channels thoughts of introspection and reflection that transcend into Nuage’s vivid and electrifying ‘Hazy Streets,’ which picks up the pace. The second sequence of tracks is a series of futuristic, techno-inspired rollers for the dancefloor from the likes of Furi Anga and DBR (UK), culminating with Theory’s thundering amen-rudebwoy showdown ‘Final Confrontation.’ The third sequence of tracks taps into Translation’s love for dub/reggae with ‘Lemon Haze’ by Mindmapper & Flatliners and the infectious, tribal sounds of ‘Civil War’ by Loxy & Resound. The fourth sequence of tracks offers a cool-down from the bass pressure, catering to the more experimental side of things with the jazzy, synth-laden ‘Lay Alone’ by Anile and ASC’s deep-space rework of Mindmapper’s ‘Orbital Orchestra’ from the Without Borders LP. Nuage delivers the grand finale in 135 BPM with ‘Before I Breathe,’ a gentle bass lullaby that offers a shape of things to come as Translation continues to push music in the future.


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