Various Artists – Bassment Beats Vol. 2 EP

bbeats2_cover_highres 580x

Translation Recordings journeys into the dungeon once again with the sinister, subterranean sounds of Bassment Beats Vol. 2. Up first, Red Army’s “Yergacheffe” kicks off with rising dub-wise stylistics and a surging bassline that ripples sonic energy across the soundscape. On “The Hippies”, Brat Leeks serves up a twisted cocktail of mechanized beats and FX mixed with psychedelic synths and wavy sub frequencies. Dyl and Paragon continue the journey to depths unknown with “Abraxas”, where eerie strings and cavernous drums build into a menacing doomsday stomper of a track that crushes everything in its path with bassweight. Cid Poitier delivers the final blow with “Ramping”, whose deceptively stripped-back intro sets up a leviathan drop guaranteed to test the limits of any sound system. Bassment Beats Vol. 2 faithfully carries the torch for the series, showcasing producers from across the globe that are on the leading edge of the darker, more experimental, side of the drum & bass spectrum.


  • “Dyl and Paragon bit is tasty” — Stray [Exit Records, Critical Music]
  • “Deep, bass low and experimental, our kind of E.P.” — Notion [Cylon Recordings]
  • “Monster cuts for the warehouse lovers out there!” — Chris Muniz []