Morphy – I Dubbed the Sheriff EP

The Dubmonger returns to the Translation Recordings catalogue with ‘I Dubbed the Sheriff,’ an immersive and cinematic EP of outlaw dub riddims that showcase his deep and creative spirit. Up first is the rub-a-dub sound of ‘Ragga Spindle,’ where reggae meets half-tempo drum&bass for the ultimate showdown. Meticulously delayed dub skanks and shimmering guitars with a Wild West twang float atop heavy kick drums and a deep, punchy bassline. ‘The Gate’ is the EP’s voyage track-an expansive journey deep into the dub abyss that travels along to a steady percussive groove, across a sea of echoing pipe organ melodies, drones, and delays.The adventure continues with ‘Toucan Dub,’ whose introductory vocals add a vintage-era gloss to a head-bopping reggae affair where swing-time percussive grooves traipse over snappy kicks and rich, tape-saturated sonic textures. Morphy brings the EP to a close by demonstrating his slow groove on ‘Twilight Dub,’ an immersive listening experience whose ambient fx and nocturnal atmospherics conjure images of a solemn, pre-dawn stroll down empty streets, thus ending the journey.


Official Trailer: