Johnny Beverton – Polymol / Tonedab

Translation Recordings’ eighth digital release features a pairing of energetic and seductively synthetic tunes from London, UK-based producer Johnny Beverton. The combo begins with a shimmering modulated synth lead in “Polymol” that rises like the dawn over fuzzy, 8-bit sound waves, relenting–only slightly–to drop a massive, pulsing bassline accented with staccato percussion, glitchy edits, and electro-influenced FX, to round out the funky and eclectic groove. Beverton completes the circuit with “Tonedab,” an electrifying, bass-heavy steppa with a killer synth bass that surges above and between weighty drums. Enter a cascade of robotic clicks, tones, and whirs, which blend into a mixture of pads and vocoded snippets. The vibe evolves as quickly as the beat, delivering a bass-bumping wall of sound guaranteed to keep you moving.