D.Intelligent, Furi Anga – Indigo Haze / When Our World Jaded

Translation Recordings ushers in the spring of 2010 showcasing the verve and vigor of producers D. Intelligent and Furi Anga in our latest digital release with tracks”Indigo Haze” and “When Our World Jaded.” D. Intelligent creates a warm and immersive synth and pad-driven love affair in “Indigo Haze,” with a massive sweeping baseline backed by kicks that snap seamlessly into the lush ambience of the track. On the flip, Furi Anga takes it to the next level, and in this cinematic soundscape he blends aspects of the Orient with sweeping pads, steppy breakbeats, and sexy synths delivering an intimate yet mind-blowing minimalist groove. These latest additions to the Translation catalogue deliver a vibrant, deep, unique and debonair sound matching the fervor of the spring season and the energy of what’s to come! Stay tuned!