Thought – Cultigen / Protest Songs

Translation Recordings’ second digital-exclusive release featuring the epic and ominous vibes of Thought from Bulgaria. Breaking away from his typically harder-edged and techy sound, Thought delivers a slice of post-apocalyptic bliss, seamlessly blending tribal percussive elements, melancholy strings, cinematic vocals, and his signature pan flute solos. Thought opens ‘Cultigen’ with an eerie mélange of orchestral strings and tribal instrumentation that descends into a militant kick-sub combination punctuated by congas that maintains the overall cadence of the track. Flip to ‘Protest Songs,’ which is arguably the more melodic of the two, for a similar urgency with rich industrial percussion, layered congas, unforgiving kicks, and haunting cinematic samples driven by a frantic lead that is guaranteed to unleash chaos on the dance floor.