Nuage – Dream Box EP

Nuage returns to the Translation catalogue with the immersive and cinematic Dream Box EP, showcasing his remarkable attention to detail and his ability to move effortlessly between tempos. Echoing vibraphones flutter over the airwaves in ‘Don’t Exist,’ which begins like the opening sequence to a spy movie and quickly transitions into an upbeat and jazzy affair with hints of oldskool flavor. ‘Feel Me’ picks up the pace with galloping drums, a pulsing bassline, and piano chords laced with sultry vocals. At the midpoint, Nuage shows off his multi-genre talent, downshifting to a lower tempo with ‘Hold Me Back.’ Shuffling breaks and calm atmospherics paint a rich and vibrant soundscape as a segue to ‘Volume Cat,’ where arpeggiated 8-bit chords weave in and out of meticulously layered pads, FX, and synth bass to bring the Dream Box EP to a surreal and otherworldly close.