Theory – Solstice EP

Translation Recordings is proud to unveil The Solstice EP featuring the unparalleled musical talent of UK veteran producer Theory. In this the catalogue’s second EP, enter a journey across a unique spectrum of tracks showcasing Theory’s dabbling with magic in multiple genres. The EP begins with “Babylon Dem.” Immerse yourself in a dub anthem half-step tune where old school ragga vibes intermingle with heavystep drums and haunting synth FX preparing you with a bit of suspense for the unexpected drop of the EP’s second track, “Weirdos.” This tune is itself a reminiscent of a dream sequence carrying an ominous vibe with low-end rumbles, spliced drum edits, eerie reverberating brass and hard hitting rave stabs. The climax of the journey lies in “Dirty Tricks,” a thundering amen thrasher boasting old school dnb ammunition with hair-raising percussion sampling an unrelenting knock on the door. Still the ominous mood relents with drum edits and FX of the electro-acoustic tastes, using sounds familiar to the bass-binger’s ears only in an entirely unique and smashing arrangement, both suspenseful and vibey. The fourth track entitled, “Rain On Me” encompasses Theory’s truly holistic sound providing a cool and sexy, soothing and uplifting denouement. Theory weaves a jazzy melodic masterpiece with sensual vocals and saxophone; a peaceful ending to the Solstice EP, dedicated to and representative of an adventure on the longest day of the year. The ending to such an adventure never sounded sweeter.