Survey – Chop Chop EP

TRNSLDIGI028 Artwork 580x

In reverence to deep soundscapes executed with precision and sophistication, Translation Recordings proudly presents the ‘Chop Chop’ EP from Berlin-based duo, Survey. Kicking off with a slow-burning cut of brooding minimalism, ‘Acting Posh’ invokes an ominous atmosphere as an array of foreboding, machine-like sounds are stitched together with meticulous refinement – the art of sonic mood-building exemplified. Next, title-track ‘Chop Chop’ stomps through 85 BPM territory, fusing techno, dub, and sci-fi film score to magnificent effect. ‘Paperhands’ is a 2-step neurofunk workout with a deceptively voracious bassline aimed for the dancefloor. Rounding things off, ‘Pressure’ builds with subtle atmospherics and a mischievous percussive half-time shuffle, pushing into the red zone with a sonic bass wall guaranteed to crush everything in its path. Survey’s ‘Chop Chop’ EP resonates across the drum & bass spectrum as a model of elegance in sound design and flawless execution.