Resound – DSP / Secrets (Sabre Remix)

Translation Recordings welcomes the return of Resound back-to-back Sabre for a release that runs the spectrum from chaotic to hypnotic. ‘DSP’ opens in a floating, dreamlike state, where lush pads blend with fluttery percussive delays. A slow, fluid sub enters the soundscape and sets the stage for a menacing drop that snaps you back to reality with rolling amens-this one is strictly for the dancefloor! On the flip, Sabre delivers the goods with a minimal re-take of ‘Secrets’ from the 4 Rooms EP exchanging the original version’s rich percussive elements with a solid, undulating bass wall and tension filled strings that have an eerie cinematic quality to them; this suspenseful number is not one to be missed!

Written & produced by I. Karkkainen, remix by G. Kidao