Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott EP

TRNSLDIGI027 Artwork 580x

Quentin Hiatus returns to Translation Recordings with a vengeance, delivering four vibrant, dancefloor-igniting tracks on the ‘Passive Boycott’ EP. Up first is title-track ‘Passive Boycott,’ whose serene pads provide the perfect calm before a surging bass drop that rides atop shuffling glitch percussion, crushing everything in its path. Next, Quentin rolls out the drums on ‘Obsessive Nature,’ a slice of rugged, tribal futurism with a punishing 808 bass stomp of uncharted magnitude. The pace lets up to a modest 160 BPM on ‘Under It All,’ where a warm Rhodes piano keys and percolating low-end frequencies set things up for the final track – ‘Keep It Gangster,’ an infectious half-stepper with West Coast hip hop flavor and ample jolts of electrifying mid-range bass. From peak-hour dancefloor madness to a head-nodding 85 BPM, the tracks on the ‘Passive Boycott’ EP showcase Quentin Hiatus’ dynamic musical range and knack for blending the sounds of old and the new into a hard-edged, future funk that is uniquely his own. With vibes like this, it’s no surprise his music has garnered the support of forward-thinking producers like Om Unit, Loxy, and Resound.