Marginal – Every 1 Needs a 0 EP


With an ear to the future and a healthy respect for exploratory 170 BPM sounds, Translation proudly presents the ‘Every 1 Needs a 0’ EP from Marginal. Never ones to shy away from esoteric and obscure vibes, the intrepid duo have delivered a genuinely absorbing and clever release. Starting things off with sublime dub-influences, ‘Plastic World’ neatly intertwines the soulful dancehall vocals of Willi Williams, blissful atmospherics, and clever percussive edits to splendid effect. Next is ‘Datasaur’, a slice of playful and intelligent half-time business, anchored by a purposeful beat and memorable lead synth elegantly suited for all dance floors. Things get weird on title track ‘Every 1 Needs A 0’, as an intriguing array of glitchy effects and paranormal reverberations are supported by funky percussive rolls, adding a subtle footwork edge to an otherwise contemplative experience. Finishing things off, ‘Anesthesia Is Useless’ is an energetic, tribal rhythm that bounces with an infectious triplet swing that is destined to move feet and minds alike. Employing a genuinely adventurous sound palette, the ‘Every 1 Needs a 0’ EP reinforces Marginal’s status as innovators in the realm of forward-thinking bass music.