PlusGood – Translation Sound Guest Mix & Interview
Posted 2017-04-26 by Translation HQ

DC junglist PlusGood delivers a Translation Sound guest mix that deftly traverses juke, modern jungle, and halftime grooves – check out the replay and interview.

What artists have you been feeling lately?
Mokujin, Phineus II, Overlook, Thugwidow, Lynch Kingsley

What is Oblivion?
Oblivion is a space where we are exploring the intersection of bass music and techno, outside of bpm. Over time, my partner (and frequent Translation guest) Lyceum and I realized that the sounds we play are so far on the edge of what can be considered DnB that we weren’t always connecting with the crowd at local DnB nights, who often come out to hear something more traditional. We talked about trying to create a space to really explore the boundaries of the genre for a long time. However, it wasn’t until the Trump election that we finally felt the reckless fatalism we needed to take the necessary risks (financially and otherwise) to make it happen. Thankfully we were able to find two headliners who shared our ethos, and a venue willing to take a chance on something DC had never really done before. Ultimately we were able to sponsor the D.C. debuts of Overlook and Ruffhouse at Ten Tigers Parlour (shout to Scott!). 

Where would you like to take it?
Our idea is to emphasize quality over quantity, and only have our parties when we secure the best venue, on the best night, with the most forward thinking artists. We want to be able to attract a crowd from outside of DnB while still maintaining a visible tie to bass music. Right now is a really innovative and exciting time for our music and we want to foster a space where people are willing to take risks and have a crowd who supports and encourages it.

Next international trip?
I’m actually headed to Hong Kong and Vietnam in a few weeks time. I’ll be playing a set at Jungle Bun Down x Ruffneck Bizness present: Junglistic Infection, going down at Focal Fair on Hong Kong Island, Friday May 12. This is my first time playing in Asia – big shouts to Lai Fai and Renato Ferreira for having me out.

Good vinyl is…
…an interdimensional doorway

1. Real Tree Riddim – Moresounds & J:Kenzo (Cosmic Bridge)
2. The Artist – Elemental, Troy Gunner & Rowl (Bassmaessage)
3. Respeck Due (ft Rider Shafique) – Richie Brains (Exit)
4. Gates – Digid & TMSV (Halogen Music)
5. Home to Me – See Jay (Reform Music)
6. End Point (Sam Binga Remix) – Pev & Kowton (SBSLS)
7. Short Ride / Fast Machine – Beatnok (Groundmass)
8. Carnivore VIP – Homesick (Modern Ruin)
9. Spiritwerks (Loxy & Resound Remix) – Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge)
10. The Way You (Lux Familiar Footwerk Edit) – J-one (Forbidden Trax)
11. Back Off – The Duke of Juke (Bassmaessage)
12. Running – Morgantics (La Squadra)
13. Barebones – Iyer (Groundmass)
14. Optics – Kolanek (Detrimental Audio)
15. Untitled – Tim Reaper & Dwarde (Globex Corp/7th Storey Projects)
16. If War is Not Holy Man is Nothing but Antic Clay – THUGWIDOW (self release)
17. 1988 – Thebis x Touchy Subject (Astrophonica)
18. Andromeda – Alix Perez & Taso (1985 Music)
19. Spells – Lynch Kingsley & Ilk (Med School)
20. Undiscovered Archipelago – Kid Lib (Greenbay Wax)
21. Westworld – Dead Man’s Chest (Ingredients)
22. A New Day – Rumbleton (North of 7)
23. Interstellar – Bkey (Scientific Wax)
24. Be With You – THUGWIDOW (Dred Collective)