Out Now: Dyl – Numbers, Words, Shadows EP
Posted 2017-03-05 by Translation HQ

Dyl returns to Translation with the ‘Numbers, Words, Shadows’ EP: a series of abstractions in 170 BPM that explore mood, atmosphere, and composition without sacrificing bass weight. 

Refusing to follow others or color by the numbers, the Romanian producer has been steadily earning a reputation for his attention to detail in crafting immersive soundscapes that draw the listener in, like the ominous industrial reverberations of ’32’, a collaboration with Entire that builds into a menacing dungeon-like stomp. Dyl demonstrates his versatility splicing breakbeats and 808s on ‘Numbers, Words, Mind Control’ and ‘# (Dial)’, and he experiments with formlessness in ‘Shadows’, where droning FX and white noise weave into a fluttering ghost-like rhythm of bass and glitched percussion. The ‘Numbers, Words, Shadows’ EP is a shining example that depth and dancefloor are not mutually exclusive elements but rather ones to be explored in combination.