Minor Rain – Interview & Mix
Posted 2013-07-28 by Translation HQ


Minor Rain may be new to the Translation roster, but he has been writing music for a number of years now and has been expanding into new styles and territories, as evidenced in his exclusive guest mix now available for download.

1. Where are you from and how did you get into producing music?

I live in Slovakia, in a small town named Martin. It’s situated near the middle of the country, and close to Poland. I started in 2009 when my friend Mario (Subtension) and I built a studio. I had experience playing piano and saxophone, and Mario knew about production and Protools, so we started making music as soundNbeats.  We landed our first release rather quickly and started to feel comfortable with the talent that was emerging from our studio collaboration. We released music on labels including Break-Fast Audio, Syndrome Audio, and Fokuz Recordings, but eventually wanted to pursue our own solo projects so I moved forward as Minor Rain in June 2011.



2. The first part of your mix covers a lot of ground stylistically before transitioning to drum & bass. Where do you draw your influences from?

It all started this year (2013) when other styles of electronic music started to have a stronger influence on me.  Focusing only on drum&bass was beginning to limit my creativity and I had a lot of  ideas that could only be realized in other tempos, so I started writing music in other genres, which I plan to put out slowly. The mix I created reflects my everyday playlist, a blend of electronic music and drum&bass, which was really the main point–combine the two.



3. What is your studio setup like and what are your favourite tools (e.g. equipment, software, plugins)?

My studio setup is fairly straight forward. I’ve got a PC laptop, midi keyboard, 24-bit sound interface, and speakers. I’d like to expand it to include bass amps, compressors, and limiters to get a warmer sound.  As for DAWs, I use Ableton Live.  These days, I’m mostly working with VST effects plugins because I have my own sample banks, which I process and cut up externally.  In the past, I used a lot of VSTi plugins from Native Instruments and Rob Papen. I also use Spectrasonics virtual instruments, some mastering tools from Izotope, and default tools for quality piano and strings.




4. What’s your mantra for staying productive in the studio?

It depends of a lot of factors, including mood and the amount of time you devote to making music.  I especially need a calm and silent environment, but sometimes a good wine or whisky helps as long as it’s not overdone.  Also the occasional cigar.  Staying physically active helps keep your mind clear, but the most important factor is time.  If you don’t have the proper amount of time to focus on production, you won’t be very successful.


minor rain creative studio

5. Tell us about your forthcoming Minor Rain Studio project. What kind of services will you be offering?

I  started this project because there are so many clever people around me that I want to work with creatively. We plan to do sound engineering, mixing and mastering, post-production work, animation, graphics, photo editing and more, including possible streaming sessions like DAW lessons; and certainly tutorials.  Everything is still in progress so it’s a bit too early to speak about, but I do believe it will be beneficial to people.



6. What other projects do you have lined up for the rest of the year?

I’ve got some interesting projects on the horizon including a 12-track LP of electronic music that I’m currently working on, but can’t really share any more than that at the moment.  I’m also working with Subtension again on a track that we’re planning to do a video for, so lately we’ve been working on storyboards.  I would like to continuing collaborating with him in the future because we have similar taste in music and work well as a team.  I’m also preparing some freebies and singles that will be announced in time so hold tight!


Minor Rain’s debut Translation release “Biomechanics” b/w “Monoscope” is available worldwide via Bandcamp, iTunes, Beatport, Digital Tunes, etc.



1.  Amon Tobin – Morning Ms. Candis
2.  Boards Of Canada – Split Your Inifinities
3.  Bonobo – All in Forms
4.  Eskmo – You Go, I See That
5.  Amon Tobin – Journeyman
6.  Squarepusher – Dark Stering
7.  Physical Illusion & FullCasual ft. Kooka – Don’t Hide
8.  Peejay & Panorama – Santuary
9.  Chris Octane – Synthetics
10.  ???
11.  Subtension – Breaking Point VIP
12.  Mercy – Blackjack
13.  ???
14.  Rido & Hybris – The Thing
15.  ???
16.  Subtension – Inner Man
17.  Fre4knc, Mindmapper & Mtwn – Relic – Samurai
18.  Mefjus – Far Too Close
19.  L33 – Sybaritic
20.  Hybris – The Blinds
21.  FIS – DMT Usher
22.  Clarity – Other Sights
23.  Detail – Outrage
24.  ???
25.  Minor Rain – Biomechanics