Lyceum – Translation Sound Mix & Interview
Posted 2016-07-22 by Translation HQ


Lyceum is one of our favorite local selectas here in DC, always delivering the freshest of sounds – check out the archive of his 7/18 Translation Sound mix and this quick-fire interview – tracklist inside.

Five tracks off the top of your head (not genre specific)… go!

Cool…let’s do non-dnb!

Central Industrial – Fragments of Neon [Auxiliary]
Rhythmic Theory – Ceti Alpha [Ancient Monarchy]
Synth Sense – Corrosion (Remix) [Samurai Horo]
Jenny Hval – Safe [Sacred Bones Records]
Konx-om-Pax – Cosmic Trigger [Planet Mu]

Five artists and/or labels you’ve been following lately

Labels: Auxiliary, Samurai Horo, Stroboscopic, Artefacts, UVB-76, Ortem

Five new places you’ve been locally, or abroad

Haven’t been abroad lately, but locally I’ve recently discovered the National Arboretum… a little late to the party on this, but it’s quite the urban oasis.

Five words to describe the current state of affairs writ large

Everybody just needs to chill!

Last but not least, five words to describe what summer feels like in DC

Humid as hell but wonderful


1. King Yoof – Straight Dub [Moonshine Recordings]
2. DJ Madd – Kingdom [Dub Stuy Records]
3. Theory – Babylon Dem (Theory’s Dem A Pree Remix) [Translation Recordings]
4. Amit – Fatty Batty (Danny Scrilla Remix) [AMAR]
5. Concealed Identity – Hidden Valley [self-released]
6. The Untouchables – Blackout [Samurai Music]
7. Cid Poitier – Afrique [Translation Recordings]
8. Entire – Mosuo Tribe [Onset Audio]
9. Cid Poitier – Righteousness [Translation Recordings]
10. Homemade Weapons + Red Army – Sleep Terror [Samurai Music]
11. The Untouchables – Scars [Samurai Music]
12. Cid Poitier – Roots Perspective [Translation Recordings]
13. The Last Hero ft. Loxy + The Flatliners – Simian King [Architecture Recordings]
14. Skitty – Oppression Dub [UVB-76]
15. Mono – Consciousness [Shiro]
16. The Untouchables + Resound – Separate Reality [Translation Recordings]
17. Cid Poitier – Hear Dis [Translation Recordings]
18. Clarity – Tendrils [UVB-76 Music]
19. Books – Jagganath [Ortem]
20. Metro – Box [Pinecone Moonshine]
21. Owneath – Overload [Demand Records]
22. Clima – All Kind Of People [Liondub]
23. Last Life – Wrong Club [Cylon Recordings]
24. The Untouchables + Loxy – X-Gene [Samurai Music]
25. The Untouchables – Weapon X VIP
26. Akinsa – Gravity [self-released]
27. Homemade Weapons + Red Army – Buzzkill [Samurai Music]
28. Mono – Phobos [Shiro]
29. The Untouchables – Overdose [Samurai Music]
30. Ruffhouse – Demand [Ingredients Records]

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