Lyceum – Translation Sound (Bassdrive Guest Mix)
Posted 2013-12-28 by Translation HQ


Monday’s Translation Sound on Bassdrive featured a guest mix from one of our favorite local DJs in the DC metro area, Lyceum, and we’ve posted the archive on Soundcloud. In his words, it’s “Blade Runner meets the Aztecs.” He also shares his top producers, tracks, and local haunts in a short Q&A. Click through to learn more about DC’s dark avenger…

1. Top five producers (in no particular order):

Synth Sense – In terms of sheer soundscapes, no one can touch them.
Gremlinz – Downright brutality, never disappoints.
The Untouchables – Modern tribal at its finest.
Overlook – The next generation has arrived.
Thing – Estonia represent!



2. Top five tunes in the bag:

Synth Sense – Trapped Within the Circuit [Veil]
Indigo – Volta [Samurai]
Kobra – Last Light [Architecture]
Elsewhere – 0996 [Samurai]
Overlook –  Street Spirit [31]


3. Top five spots in DC:


Backbar – Micro-club underneath the world-famous 9:30 Club. Dark, intimate, and loud!
National Gallery of Art – DC is blessed to have many free, world-class museums. This one attracts the fewest screaming kids.
DC Reynolds – Great neighborhood bar on Georgia Avenue. Huge patio, wonderful staff, zero drama.
Julia’s Empanadas – Jamaican empanada is the truth.
Meridian Hill Park drum circle – THE place to be on a warm Sunday afternoon. Massive vibes.


4. Five words that describe your mix:

Blade Runner meets the Aztecs.



5. Parting words/shout outs:

Huge thanks to Brian and Steph at Translation Recordings for continuously pushing the envelope and putting out quality tunes. Fantastic label ran by even better people. Also, big-up Julian at SubDistrick, Ben PlusGood, Avery James, Taylor Coastill, Eric at Expansion Broadcast, Steven in Minneapolis, my good friends Kyle, Tara, & Kristen, and of course Mrs. Lyceum for dealing with my considerable nonsense. Thanks to all for keeping it weird!


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Photographs of Lyceum by by Austin Eighmey,



1. Akkord – Undertow [Houndstooth]
2. Synth Sense – Trapped Within The Circuit [Veil]
3. Curious – Lost World [Rawganics]
4. Mtwn – Tech9 [Diffrent Music]
5. Indigo – Volta [Samurai Music]
6. Akkord – Channel Drift [Houndstooth]
7. Noisia – The Tower (DmC OST) [Invisible]
8. Synth Sense – Tomorrow’s World (Widescreen Mix) – Auxiliary
9. Squelch – Shai Hulud [Eternia Never]
10. Gremlinz – Mu-onna [Samurai Music]
11. The Last Hero – Underground Mysteries [Architecture Recordings]
12. Gremlinz + Ahmad – The Orchid [Paradox]
13. Homemade Weapons – Beowulf [free download]
14. Overlook – Clouds [31 Records]
15. Elsewhere – 0996 [Samurai Music]
16. Daat – 1999 [Detuned Transmissions]
17. Maurus – Emerald [Buried Audio]
18. Homemade Weapons + Gremlinz ft. Collinjah – After Dark [Samurai Music]
19. Outer Heaven – Ballast [Proximity Recordings]
20. Bredren – The Truth [Demand Records]
21. TKR – Future Unknown (Royalston Remix) [Paradise Lost]
22. Reza + Gremlinz – Bloom [Samurai Music]
23. Thing – Altered Zone [Dubthing Records]
24. Kobra – Last Light [Architecture Recordings]
25. Clarity – Sombre [Samurai Music]
26. Homemade Weapons – Saibot [Break-Fast Audio]
27. Overlook – Street Spirit [31 Records]
28. M-Zine + Scepticz + Mtwn – Choices [Diffrent Music]
29. Snow Ghosts ft. Blue Daisy – Covenant [Houndstooth]