Kmag Interview + Nuage Translation Recordings Guest Mix
Posted 2012-08-29 by Translation HQ

We recently spoke to Kmag about the concept behind our 2nd album, Universal Grooves, and the shape of things to come for Translation Recordings.

On top of that, Nuage (featured on the album) delivers an amazingly soulful, multi-genre mix that you don’t want to miss!

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Q: How representative would you say the album is of the label?

Our intent with Universal Grooves, as it is with Translation, is to cover a range of styles. We’ve always focused on bridging audiences by releasing music that can be appreciated by club-goers and home listeners alike. In the future, we’ll be pushing into other styles and focusing on putting out quality music regardless of BPM. We’ll always stay on the pulse of drum & bass, but there’s so much untapped talent!

Many of our artists have been spreading their wings into other styles of music including Nuage with his 130 BPM track “Before I Breathe” (featured on the album). DBR (UK) is dipping into hip hop, and Morphy’s transformed into the Dubmonger with his new experimental dub project. As with our artists, our musical tastes are growing and evolving.

Q: What other releases have you guys got planned?

After Universal Grooves, we have a digital release featuring Switzerland-based artists Codeshaper and Dayni, and we’ve got a special project from the Dubmonger slated for the end of the year. Our next vinyl release is also in the works, and Nuage is working on a solo album for 2013.


Read the full interview here