Introducing: Out of Fuel – Mix & Interview
Posted 2016-07-29 by Translation HQ


Out of Fuel are the latest to join the Translation family and we’ve got their Ghost Notes EP set to drop on 26 Aug – check out this guest mix and interview to get a feel for the sound they’re pushing.

How long have you been writing music individually, and as Out of Fuel?

Otto: I’ve been fooling around with software and samples since late 90’s and had my first release as part of breakbeat/dubstep duo Takomo, and also working on solo material as Trisector since 2007 or so. In 2014 we formed Out Of Fuel, although the first collaborations we started already in late 2013.

Matti: After years of djing and dabbling with sequencers, synths and samplers I got together with a close friend of mine to start a collaboration project called Defence in early 2000’s. We produced several tracks that got released around 2010. After that around 2012 I fell in love with dub influenced and more minimal kind of sound and produced some tracks to experiment with the style and aesthetics. As Otto mentioned above, the collaboration just happened naturally and we’ve been writing tracks together ever since.

Describe your sound in five words (or less).

Wow such dark many deep.

Is there a particular piece of studio kit or software that you immediately gravitate towards when writing?

Otto: I can’t write a track without using my favourite delay plugins Bionic Delay and/or Native Instruments Replika. Also Epicverb is a must. All of them are free downloads by the way.

Matti: I’m a synth geek! I can spend hours and hours on programming sounds on different synths just for the fun of it. My all time favourite synth has to be Virus TI. It does everything from plucks and stabs to leads, pads and basses. It’s fast to program and sounds really good. For my FM needs there’s really nothing like FM8. Usually our growls and deep basses are FM based.

Do you collaborate live, virtually, or both? Do you have a preference and are you working with others on music as well?

We share a studio space and use the same computer, although different DAW for now. Sometimes we work on ideas, loops and sounds separately, but we try to be together in the studio to work on the arrangement and mix down the tracks, or just jam and experiment.

Before we had the studio we sent audio files back and forth and worked with our home setups, but having a studio space dedicated for making music is definitely better and way more fun.

We’re working on some collaborations with our friends and fellow producers, live or virtually. Obviously if the collaborator lives for example in Canada, then it’s not really possible to get to the same studio to work on a track together.


What releases do you have in the pipeline?

We just received a test press of a forthcoming 4 track ep on Alphacut which also features a track by us called Wildfire, that should be coming in near future. We also have a 4 track ep coming this fall on Scientia Music and also something else we don’t really want to talk about yet.

Complete this sentence: I wouldn’t leave Finland without seeing/experiencing…

Otto: A proper sauna. I know it’s a cliché, but a sauna, and then a refreshing swim in a lake or sea is just something everyone should try at least once.

Matti: northern lights and snow in Lapland during winter time and endless days during summer time. More clichés but salty liquorice and rye bread are worth trying too. Also there’s a new food product called pulled oats that I’d totally recommend to everyone visiting Finland.


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