Interview: Inside Isolation with Out of Fuel
Posted 2018-02-17 by Translation HQ

Out of Fuel take us inside the Isolation EP and into their earbuds with a Spotify playlist inspired by the sounds of their latest Translation release.  

Take us through the Isolation EP, were you seeking a deeper sound with this release?

This time we went for a more experimental direction and had learned a trick or two in our studio. Minus 25 is the intro to the EP. Surprisingly melodic and catchy. Maybe you can hear our love for dub techno and IDM here. The tune sets the tone for things to come. Cabin Fever is moody and dark. We tried to go for a hypnotic techno influenced vibe with this. Steady progression with sounds coming in and out without going for a massive drop. Chain Reaction follows on the same theme, but goes into deeper territory. You can imagine yourself being underwater. Hypersensitivity tries to play tricks on the listener with an unconventional arrangement and a rhythm switch that is like a 2nd drop for the tune. We asked Resound – Ilpo, who is a huge influence and inspiration to us, to do a remix of Ghosts. He did stellar job and surprised us all!


The winter in Finland is long and dark, what influence does that have on you as musicians – individuals?

It’s easier to get music done during winter than during summer since you don’t exactly feel guilty for being indoors. During summer you kinda feel that you are wasting the few precious summer days we get here. The darkness and lack of light during winter can feel heavy and draw all your energy out, but can be inspiring too. Our studio has become a kind of sanctuary.


Which track on Isolation EP has the most interesting story?

Minus 25 was a cool little melodic halfstep loop that Matti started when he was on holiday somewhere up north close to the Russian border. First time Otto heard the loop he got super excited and got these ideas on how to approach the beats and go crazy with the glitches. The whole process of breaking the sounds apart was also interesting, basically most of it was edited by hand, as we didn’t use any glitch machine VSTs, but ran beats through granular effects and used additive synthesis. Overall we recorded maybe 10 minutes of material, and then picked the best bits. It took a while to get it right.


Any new studio additions or game changers since we last caught up?

It’s maybe easier to list things that were there the last time we caught up. But mostly we’ve been getting a bunch of different pedals, a tape echo and couple of spring reverbs. The biggest change is maybe getting the whole studio rearranged couple of weeks ago. Now it’s way easier to work on our mixer and use and record outboard gear. We’ve also been very fortunate to be able to share the studio with guys who are maybe a bit obsessed with getting new gear.


The Spotify playlist you selected incorporates a variety of types of music, would you say this is par for the course? What keeps helps keep the musical ideas fresh for you guys?

We listen to a lot of different styles of music, and maybe not that much drum’n’bass at the moment. The local scene in Helsinki is also very active and inspiring, and we both have talented friends who make great music. Also working on other styles of music every now and then just for fun and experimentation gives you ideas you want to incorporate to your drum’n’bass material.


What’s next for Out of Fuel, any visions of exploring other tempos?

Well, we have already. We had a dark ambient track (which was basically 170/85 bpm though) and a techno track on our previous ep on another label. We’ll keep on experimenting with different tempos and try to have an open mind. We also have couple of other dnb releases lined up, you’ll hear from those soon.


Any parting thoughts or shout outs?

Big thanks to everyone who have been listening to our tracks and mixes, playing them out, been at our gigs and sending nice messages via email & social media. Thank you for your support, it really means a lot. Also shout outs to Poppis, Elisa, Forge Sound boys, Musa nörtti tsätti crew, Turun Syntetisaattoriseura, Beer Funk massive and the Autonomic:Minimal LowEnd:Frequency fam.


Out of Fuel’s Isolation EP is available now on digital and streaming formats – Buy/Listen