Dyl – Translation Sound Guest Mix & Interview
Posted 2017-01-09 by Translation HQ

Here’s the recap of Dyl’s guest mix for TRANSLATION SOUND on Bassdrive 1/2. We’ve also caught up with him for a quick chat and we’ve got his EP ‘Numbers, Words, Shadows’ on the way as our first release in 2017. Bandcamp pre-release and details on the way!

What five words best describe your sound?
Unlimited, unknown, plumb (Romanian word for lead), cavou (tomb), sine (self), timeless – sorry are 6 😀

What’s your creative process like – do you have any particular studio rituals, or pieces of gear/software that gravitate towards when when starting a project?
It depends, sometimes I’m obsessed with using gear, sometimes I’m obsessed with recording sounds in house, or the streets of Cluj-Napoca. There’s not a main process that dominates my rituals, it’s different every single time as music is everywhere.

Where do you spend the most time on a track?
Every time I’m trying to find a certain sound that I think it’s weird enough to be different in the context of my mood, sometimes i’m getting obsessed. Days in editing and reworking a sound, when i have that certain main sound that haunts my brain the flow will come.

What were some of your most memorable experiences as an artist in 2016?
There were many, I’m very happy with my every single release from 2016, every single move as DYL, every single podcast and party, a lot of beautiful things happened. I want to thank to every single person that helped me in 2016. I released my first 7” on Nord and I was also involved in releasing the first DNB 12” by a Romanian label. Big up to Hangout Music crew for making it possible. I played for the first time in Berlin, which was really awesome, big up to Urban Poetry, Nord, and Impulse Berlin, and Turrican – I met a lot of great people.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?
The future, I’m looking for the same things.