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Resound is a musician/producer and DJ from Tampere, Finland.

Many know him from his music on such record labels as Digital Soundboy, Exit Records, Renegade Hardware, Razor’s Edge, Samurai Music, Function Records and of course, Translation Recordings.His ground breaking debut album “Burning Shadows” (a collaboration with a longtime production partner Loxy) was released on Exit Records in 2011.With releases on roughly 40 independent record labels worldwide since the year 2000, it’s safe to say he is a veteran of the drum&bass scene. But many don’t know there’s much more beneath.

Resound has also been involved on many game soundtracks (most recently, “Cities In Motion” by Paradox Interactive/Colossal Order).  He does a lot of production, mixing and mastering work for others and also runs a website ( where he helps other producers master their craft. His first sample pack “Loxy & Resound Drum & Bass Vol. 8” was also released on Loopmasters in 2012.

What the future holds remains to be seen but one thing is for sure – Resound is always up to something!

Featured on:

TRNSL009: Loxy & Resound – Civil War – Vinyl, 2012
TRNSLCD002: Loxy & Resound – Civil War – CD, Digital, 2012
TRNSLCD001: Resound – A Chain of Red – CD, 2010
TRNSL006: Resound – A Chain of Red – Vinyl, 2010
TRNSL005: Resound – DSP / Secrets (Sabre Remix) – Vinyl, 2009
TRNSLDIGI001: Resound – Secrets – Digital, 2008
TRNSL001: Resound – Sounds of the City / Greedy Faces – Vinyl, 2005

For more information on Resound, visit:

Soundcloud (Resound)
Soundcloud (Loxy & Resound)